Thursday, February 6, 2014

Loving myself……...

the Most difficult kind of love

The hardest love to give - and receive is self love.  In spite of my best intentions, I am always looking for something I have done to aggravate or cause my own pain.  It is the ultimate trap to suppose the fault for chronic migraine lies within me.  I know this.  Yet, especially when I have had a hard week, month, year, I look for ways I have inflicted this misery upon myself.

New years resolution

This year my list of new year's resolutions is short:
1.  Be kinder to myself
That's it.
Somehow, these annual, seasonal do-good or do-better intentions tend to become the critical monkey on our backs that is always telling us we haven't quite measured up.  Thus, I'm attempting to turn that around.  I'm doing great considering the hand I've been dealt.  My job is to keep reminding myself of that fact and love myself "as is."  I come with flaws as do we all.  But sometimes "as is" means it's the best deal going, something that is essentially intact and lovable with some little unimportant imperfection.

Things I try to remember

1.  This is not your fault (just like it is not your granny's fault or your son's fault).
2.  You are actually a very strong person.
3.  Vulnerability is not weakness.
4.  You are lovable.
5.  Many people love you.
6.  Your friends and family understand more than you realize.
7.  You deserve to get better.
8.  You are not alone.

Valentines Day earrings from my husband

Free association on  LOVE

Love makes the world go round
Heart = love
Heart first
Heart of my hearts
Healing heart
Mi corazón
Mi amor
Love heals
My heart
Dear heart
Heart and soul
I have always loved the heart image 
I used to have a cake pan in the shape of a heart.  I made the kids' birthday cakes shaped like hearts
Love comes from the heart
Love lorn
Heart sore
What does love have to do with healing my head?
What does love have to do with hope?
If I am in danger of losing hope, does that mean I need to love myself more?
Is hope a function of love?