Friday, November 29, 2013

Parted out

Unholy or unwhole?

Have you ever felt like you're not all of a piece?  Like there is too much going on in your body?  Sometimes I can't seem to keep track of it all and, certainly no one else is helping me do it

Different Symptoms - different doctors

  • Headaches:  headache specialist, anesthesiologist, masseuse
  • "Routine care" (whatever that is):  primary care doc
  • Nutrition, diet and alternative treatment:  including prescription for medical cannabis - Naturopath, acupuncturist
  • Gut problems (mostly caused by medication prescribed by headache specialist):  naturopath, yoga teacher, primary care doc
  • Achilles tendonitis:  PT, osteopath, acupuncturist
  • Emotional status:  mental health care provider.
  • Coordination of recommendations of all the above:  You're on your own.  No one gets paid for this.

Reluctantly becoming your own care coordinator

Under the circumstances, I'm fortunate that I have primary and secondary insurance coverage for most of the above and that I have providers that I mostly like and respect.  However, it's a time consuming, exhausting, nitpicky battle to stay on top of extracting payment for services that are supposedly covered, to stay on top of multiple prescription medications, track your symptoms and possible drug reactions, all while trying to maintain some kind of a balanced life.  Just yesterday I found myself on the phone, alternately calling one infusion service, then the other.  I was essentially playing them off against each other to see which offered the best deal (coverage) in combination with the services I wanted.   

Conflicting recommendations from different providers require a high level of attentiveness and decision making that is basically a seat-of-the-pants proposition.  The only way to avoid this would be to get all providers together in a care conference, and what are the chances of that?


Of course one way to avoid a lot of the confusion is to accept the current level of pain as a permanent proposition and just quit trying to get better.  Not an option I choose.

Sometimes I do call a halt to a new approach, a recommendation or an idea - even my own.  I can only handle so much at any one time.  Anything else will have to wait or, even better, won't be necessary because everything I'm doing now will ultimately turn it around.  I will feel better, and I can let the rest go.

Generally, what I strive to do in my journey is just to stay open when problems arise and allow for the possibilities they may present.  In the meantime……..  I "Don't let yesterday use up too much of today."  Will Rogers.

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