Friday, August 24, 2012

My left foot

On Vacation w/ Hypersensitivity intact -

My husband and I are on vacation, a road trip in our new/ old van from Washington State to Calif. to see our son in Santa Cruz and make numerous stops and side trips including one to Taft, a little California town in the remote, desert oil fields where I was born and reared.  I haven't been back since age 19, so it should be quite interesting - and about 100 degrees.

Motorcycle art in Moss Landing
First stop was Portland to hook up with my husband who was attending his 50th high school reunion, his only one ever.  He drove down a couple of days earlier.  I went down on the train, and we stayed at the hone of old friends.  Next stop, a beautiful forest service campground 4 mi outside of Shasta, Calif.  We made it the following day to our kids' sweet little condo in beautiful Santa Cruz.  We're on our 3rd day here, comfortable, and I'm finally returning to what passes for some sense of equilibrium for me.  

Crustacean at Monterey Acquarium where I became 
seriously over stimulated, nauseated, and dizzy.  Still
it was fantastic!

I've known for a long time that I was especially sensitive to many things, including vibes from 
people, noise, light, personal space, environment around me to name just a few.  But this trip is bringing home to me how much I am buffeted by it all, minute to minute, even though I have actually developed, over the years, many tools to make myself more comfortable and centered.  And, I seem to be getting more sensitive as I get older.  Needless to say, all this has an impact on my headaches and my vacation!  

Each stop so far on this trip has required readjustment on my part and taken a little toll even though I have enjoyed all of them.  Added to my "usual" hypersensitivity is the problem with my left foot, which I injured in a trip/ fall over a month ago.  It is sore, a little swollen and discolored in spite of all my best efforts w/ ice, healing creams, anti-inflammatories, massage, etc.  I can't walk comfortably very far, and I can't ride my bike, both of which I love to do.  It leaves me feeling off center and clumsy, adds to my fatigue level and decreases my resilience.  I'm still having a good time, and spending 4 or 5 days w/ my son in Santa Cruz has given me some recovery time; however, this has all brought home to me that I need a new set or level of coping skills.


I am just beginning to look into developing a shield, a visualization that involves surrounding myself with a protective bubble or layer that buffers the impact of stimuli and protects me.

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